Friday, August 9th, 2019
Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of Floridians descend upon Las Vegas for Black Hat, BSides Las Vegas, and DEF CON. In our opinion, Florida is easily one of the best states for cyber security talent. This is apparent with the hundreds of students that graduate from top Florida universities and find themselves traveling across the country to work at top social media and Internet companies.

The origins of Florida Man date back to 2013 where the meme grew on Twitter quoting headlines from local newspapers across the great state. The truth is that we all have known about the Florida Man through our experiences as a resident. The headlines pay homage to the relaxed laws in Florida allowing public arrest records to show personal information.

When the crazy world of our state crosses streams with sin city, the FLORIDA_MAN Party is born and emerges as one of the top Friday night open bar events. We try to offer an authentic Florida experience with alligators and flamingos, a loose open bar policy, and the often found struggling air conditioning replicating a hot and humid atmosphere.

At the party you will find all walks of life and talent. Students, professionals, decision-makers, and most importantly, hiring managers. Please join us for the 4th annual FLORIDA_MAN party, hosted in the beautiful Apex Suite of Planet Hollywood. The party offers a well-stocked open bar (please tip your bartenders) and a lively Florida atmosphere, filled with great conversation, shenanigans, and job opportunities.

Now the big question: How do I attend?

Simple! Buy supporting the Florida Man Initiative and purchasing a super awesome custom FLORIDA_MAN 2019 badge. This sweet piece of silicon is a full functioning weather station, collecting ambient temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Combine that with Internet fed weather data for Las Vegas and you are now the coolest cat on the strip. The software contains hidden surprises, WiFi tools, RGB LEDs, party information (needed for the room number), and the Florida Man news feed seen below. See you there!

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